What is Clean Eating?

good_foodConfused by the term ‘clean eating’? You’re not alone! Here’s a quick and easy 101! Most foods in your local grocery stores have additives and preservatives. Clean eating simply means eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Everyone from steadfast carnivores to vegans can eat clean. There are several benefits of clean eating including restful sleep, more productive workouts, improved brain function, weight loss and clearer skin.  Those reasons alone are enough to give it a try!

There are four basic rules that clean eaters follow:

1. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, both cooked and raw.
2. Eating unprocessed, lean meats without additives. (fresh chicken and fish and some organically raised beef and game)
3. Eating whole grains instead of processed flour.
4. Eating smaller, but more frequent meals. (usually eating every 3 to 4 hours)

There are several different approaches to clean eating and there’s no one right way! Some clean eaters avoid flour and sugar altogether but even the smallest adjustments to your diet can have great health benefits!

How to begin:

You don’t have to throw away everything in the fridge to get started. You can simply begin by adding clean foods to your pantry and eventually weeding out the processed foods. When you make your shopping list each week, select a few items to switch to clean items (like changing white bread to whole grain and a no sugar added item in place of a sugary food).  Each shopping trip, add a new food to the list. This is much less painful than a complete diet overhaul that can leave you feeling robbed of everything delicious!

You can eat clean on a budget… It’s true! 

Keep your eyes open for coupons and sales and when you find a good deal, stock up. Websites like coupons.com, cool savings.com and red plum.com offer coupons and discounts on clean foods and don’t forget; what you save on trash bags and laundry soap can be used on food. When you can, buy in bulk. This is almost always less expensive! You also need to manage your food. This means, buying what you need, when you need it and remembering to use what you’ve got. There are also websites dedicated to cooking on a budget. You can visit eatingwell.com and cookinglight.com for some easy, inexpensive and healthy meals!

Whatever your reasons for eating clean, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can do it!  At Woods Chiropractic, we offer several programs to help get your life on the right track. Give us a call (317-257-3919) to schedule your exam and consultation. We treat the cause rather than chase the symptoms!strawberries

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